The British Equestrian Federation World Class Development Programme Study on Warm Up in Elite Horses

It has taken a while to pull together but the BEF World Class Development Programme paper to study warm-up in elite horses has now been published (see link below). The GaitSmart Pegasus system was used to show the canter stride duration and lead leg, canter stride length and canter speed, and time spent in different paces.

The GaitSmart Pegasus system had a 100% success rate throughout the entire three days. Since this study we have increased our sensors to six and we now look at hock angles. We currently have an 8 sensor system which will be launched in the near future which also analyses knee angles.

If you would like more information on the GaitSmart Pegasus system you can contact us at

Tranquille et al (in press) Quantification of warmup patterns in elite showjumping horses over three consecutive days – a descriptive study