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Ankle, Knee or Hip Pain

leg_pain If you have ankle, knee or hip pain, a GaitSmart analysis will identify where the problem is occurring, as well as the severity of the problem and our qualified gait therapist will recommend the best treatment for your condition. It may be that the severity of your condition will mean that you need to be referred to a consultant through your GP, but our gait therapist will confirm that for you. Often, our gait therapist can provide you with a treatment plan that involves functional movement exercises that can be performed most places in your daily life, without needing to go to a specific location or using specific equipment.

Lower Limb Joint Surgery

If you are recovering from lower limb joint surgery then our GaitSmart analyse will identify the areas that you need to focus on and our gait therapist can help ensure that you achieve optimum mobility with a focused treatment plan. This is important because the absence of pain does not necessarily mean that you are moving well. If you are moving asymmetrically or have a reduced range then you will be compensating in your movement which means that you will be putting extra load where it should not be. This could mean related problems in the not too distant future which could include, joint replacement on the opposite side, back problems or falls. Monitoring with GaitSmart will ensure that you get back to a good symmetrical walk with good range and do not experience further problems.

Instability when Walking or Potential to Fall

old-man-walking If you are feeling less stable when walking and are concerned that you may be at risk of falling, a GaitSmart analysis will identify where you are having mobility issues and our gait therapist can advise you of the optimum treatment path to improve your mobility. We have had excellent success in this area, avoiding the need for surgery and ensuring that people can maintain their independence.

Sports Men and Women

If you are a sports person then a GaitSmart Sports Analysis, which includes functional assessment, will provide you with detailed movement information and allow you to fine-tune and optimise your movement. This, in turn, will bring better performance and will reduce the potential for injury.

Objective assessment with GaitSmart, regardless of the reason, allows you to monitor your progress and be able to make direct comparisons to the way that you were moving previously.

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