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GaitSmart™ Pegasus for Universities & Colleges

Teaching students how horses move and which factors affect stride characteristics is an important part of many equine courses. Until now this has been limited to simple video footage or computer/web-based simulations.

However, the disadvantages are that high speed video with slow motion capability and sophisticated gait analysis systems are expensive, technically demanding and often unsuited to teaching.

A Fresh Approach:

  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Versatile, can be used in the field, ménage or on the treadmill
  • Lightweight, yet robust
  • Suitable for teaching, student projects or staff research projects

GaitSmart Pegasus systems use inertial measuring units (IMU’s)/sensors within brushing boots and a GPS sensor on the rider’s hat. The number of sensors used depends on the system being used, e.g. the Limb Phasing and Cannon Angle systems use four, while the Hock Angle system uses six sensors.

From the Yard to the Lecture Theatre

GaitSmart Pegasus is an excellent training and diagnostic tool for students, yet its robustness makes it suitable for use by students without supervision. The system is accompanied by “How to interpret” manuals and diagrams, which will help students apply curriculum taught material from biomechanics to GaitSmart Pegasus results allowing them to investigate their research interests and complete informed analysis of output. The results and figures produced by the software can be displayed in lecture content for discussion and analysis. GaitSmart Pegasus forms a much needed link between the academic and practical worlds of the horse industry and can be an invaluable tool for students and lecturers both in lectures and practical applications.

At GaitSmart Pegasus we believe that all students should have the benefit of learning the latest technologies and their application within the industry. As such we have been involved in many student research projects from foundation to Msc level. We also offer demonstrations and guest lectures to suit your college’s individual needs and budgets. Please contact us to find out how you can have GaitSmart Pegasus on your campus!

Examples of Student Research Projects Using GaitSmart Pegasus

Below are some examples of student research that GaitSmart Pegasus has been involved in:

  • A preliminary investigation into the application of objective assessment for dressage using the GaitSmart Pegasus Limb Phasing System
  • Study on ten Friesian Horses where their gait patterns were objectively measured at the same time as being marked by a panel of judges.
  • Correlation between stride length, body length and performance in racehorses
  • Investigation of limb and stride characteristics over different types of showjumps
  • The relationship between Diagonal Advanced Placement (DAP) in canter to dressage score