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GaitSmart™ Pegasus for Racing

The Benefits of Using GaitSmart Pegasus for Race Horses

All race horses have their own unique stride characteristics over gallop speeds. GaitSmart Pegasus enables trainers and owners to understand these unique characteristics of their horses, so that gallop speeds can be maximised.

The Speed, Stride Relationship

(speed = stride length/stride duration)
A horse breathes once every stride (respiratory locomotor coupling) and thus the stride duration is very important when considering energy expenditure and efficiency of your horse. If the stride duration were too short (meaning high stride frequency), there would not be sufficient time for optimum oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange. There would also be an increase in the number of strides/furlong and thus strain on the horse, and hence is inefficient. A horse relying on increased stride frequency for speed will likely fatigue faster. As might be expected, stride frequency decreases in a fatigued race horse. GaitSmart Pegasus monitors stride frequency over time and hence can give advance warning of fatigue.

GaitSmart Pegasus can measure these stride characteristics so you can determine the efficiency of your horse and what to target during training in order to optimize its performance!

To Buy or Not to Buy?

GaitSmart Pegasus enables trainers and owners to assess the potential of a new horse and its efficiency by measuring its speed, stride duration and stride length prior to purchase and then to subsequently monitor these characteristics during training.

Foals exhibit similar stride frequencies to adult horses. GaitSmart Pegasus can therefore be used to monitor a yearling and predict the performance as a trained race horse. This can of course be of great benefit as a predictor for the buyer at yearling sales.

What Type of Racehorse Do You Have?

By analysing your horse’s optimum stride characteristics (length, duration and speed) you can assess its ability to be successful as either a sprinter or a stayer.

Your Horse vs. The Greats

Legends of racing such as Deep Impact and Secretariat have been measured in high cost, laborious scientific studies to determine what made them elite. With GaitSmart Pegasus, you can do this quickly during your normal training routine at your yard and compare your horse to what we know about these legends of racing. For example; higher earning race horses (such as Deep Impact) have been known to have an optimum stride duration of around 0.44s at 18m/s (Takahashi et al. 2007). It has also been noted that both Deep Impact and Secretariat exhibited less overlap time in their stride than average race horses (Takahashi et al. 2007). This effectively means the timing of the limbs within their stride was more spread out than average horses. GaitSmart Pegasus can measure this with the Limb Phasing function simultaneously with other characteristics previously mentioned.

Welfare of Your Racehorse

Breakdown is a major concern in the racing industry and stress and strain related injuries can sometimes be hard to detect until it’s too late. Prevention is always better than treatment.

How does this relate to your racers and GaitSmart Pegasus? An unwell horse will usually have a differing stride characteristic compared with its healthy state. This enables the GaitSmart Pegasus system to provide the trainer with an additional means of checking the health of a horse prior to racing. Decreases in performance or subtle changes in strides may be warning signs of trouble to be headed and investigated.

When injury strikes? The stride characteristics of any injured horse will differ from when it was fit. For the best chance at full rehabilitation, a horse must not be returned to work until it has fully recovered from its injury. GaitSmart Pegasus enables the trainer to monitor this as well as its training progress during the gradual return to work.

GaitSmart Pegasus and Your Racing Yard

GaitSmart Pegasus is an innovative product that allows you to measure your race horses objectively and produce easy to understand reports on your findings. It can be offered as a service provided to your owners as part of their training with you, allowing you to be one step ahead of the competition and giving you cutting edge technology on your side.