Performance Profiling

Performance testing for you and your horse

At ETB, we believe that technology such as GaitSmart™ Pegasus should be available and affordable to all students, riders, trainers, and owners alike to help them perform at the very highest standard of their abilities and recognize their full potential no matter what discipline. So, we are taking steps to make this possible.

What Happens When I Book a Session?

We will come and visit you to discuss our system and how it can help you and your horse. We will sit down with you and discuss what you would like to learn from your profile and any areas you might like to concentrate on for you and your horse, whether it be the accuracy of your transitions, or maintaining rhythm in your stride. We will then complete a trial profile for you and your horse. Once we have completed the trial your results will be in an easy to understand format that you will be able to discuss with your coach or trainer. We will then discuss with you a one of a kind, easy to manage, and affordable profiling schedule for you and your horse based on your individual needs to help track your performance and improvements.

Give yourself a winning edge with performance profiling for precision riding with GaitSmart Pegasus. Call or email today for details and to schedule your first visit! Some travel costs may be applicable depending on location.

By having a GaitSmart Pegasus Performance Test you will be able to:

  • Identify early loss in performance
  • Monitoring training and track improvements
  • Ascertain your horse’s potential for a specific equine discipline
  • Understand how you are affecting your horse’s movement
  • Carry out a pre-purchase performance check
  • Monitor the progress of your horse after injury, is it back to its previous performance

Please see our discipline pages for more specific information applicable to your interests.
Having a test is easy, we come to your yard or school. Our qualified equine professionals will give you a complete report covering your analysis and work with you and your coach or trainer regarding what to do next.

How Do I Book?

To book a Performance Test for you and your horse please contact us, click on “Reach Us” above.

Some Frequently Asked Questions that people have asked before booking are shown below. If you have a question that is not covered please email where we will get back to you with an answer.

Q.  I have had a gait analysis test done before and it took ages to set up?
A. To set up the GaitSmart Pegasus Performance Test takes no longer than tacking up your horse.


Q. What is the point of only having a couple of strides tested?
A. A GaitSmart Pegasus Performance Test uses the latest technology, so that every stride is measured.


Q. What equine disciplines do you carry out performance tests for?
A. We cover all equine disciplines.


Q. How do I pay?
A. There are numerous ways to pay, cheque on the day, cash, or Paypal. If you want regular performance tests we can set up an account.


Q. Does the test have to be conducted on a hard surface?
A. No, with our technology you can have a performance test in your arena, ménage, up a gallop or even cross country. Distance is not a problem.


Q. Will my report just give me figures that I don’t understand?
A. The report has information that you will be able to understand and relate to. Our Equine Professionals will take you through the report and develop a future work program for you to discuss with your trainer or vet.


Q. Can I have more than one test?
A. Yes, you can book in advance for regular monitoring over time, it gets more cost effective that way.


Q. I would like to carry out another test straight away after my first test, can this be done?
A. Yes, just let us know when you book and we will give you the price.


Q. I do endurance riding, if it is raining can you still carry out the test?
A. We can perform a test in any weather, if you can ride, we can test.


Q. I am part of a school, can you come and test all of our horses?
A. Yes, just tell us how many horses and we will be able to give you a price. This is the most cost effective way of doing tests, it makes it cheaper for each person.