Human Analysis

How Do You Use GaitSmart™?

The following describes how easy it is to analyse the movement of a person using GaitSmart. The process is exactly the same for sports, orthopaedics and elderly fallers which is why GaitSmart is so versatile.

GaitSmart is a movement analysis system that uses small sensors to analyse the movement of a person based on simple protocols that are easily defined. At the bottom of the page you will see a short video showing GaitSmart in action at Southend United FC; a professional soccer club in the SkyBet League 2.

1. Set up the sensors

3_0_Human Analysis_case

Turn on the computer and synchronise the sensors to the laptop computer. This ensures that all of the sensors have the same time.

2. Fit the sensors to the person

3_0_Human Analysis_inset sensor 1   3_0_Human Analysis_inset sensor 2

Fit the GaitSmart straps to the thighs, calves and hips.

Start the sensors logging by pressing the grey button and place each sensor in the relevant pocket of each leg strap.

Get the person to carry out the protocol you want them to do, e.g. walk straight, turnaround and walk back. (picture walking or running)

3. Producing the gait screening report

3_0_Human Analysis_runningwalking

Remove sensors and stop logging by pressing the same grey button.

Connect the sensors to the computer, type in the person’s name and select the region of interest from your protocol.

GaitSmart will then display on the screen the results and compare them against the normal healthy population. The report is saved as a pdf allowing you to email or print it out so you can give it to the person who has had the gait analysis.

The video below is a typical screening of a player from the squad carried out at Southend football club, 25 players are screened in less than 1.5 hours with all data presented to the physio.


+ Click Here to see the standard report and a definition of each of the values given in the table.