For Elderly Care

GaitSmart™ is a unique sensor-based gait analysis system that can be used to monitor the movement of the elderly. The system is perfect to support the diagnosis of movement issues and to monitor any treatment or recovery. It is easy to use and totally non-invasive making it ideal for the elderly. GaitSmart can identify tiny changes in movement that cannot be detected by the human eye. A movement adjustment of less than 20 degrees is almost impossible to discern with the human eye. GaitSmart can detect all movement differences and as such will allow the identification of a treatment plan based upon clinical, objective data.

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As a geriatrician you will have many patients who have mobility issues. In the EU-27 region, there are nearly 40,000 deaths from falls among the elderly every year. In the UK alone, the National Health Service spends in excess of 5 million Euros per day due to falls in the elderly. GaitSmart can help you understand the movement problems that your patients are having quickly and easily. In a few minutes you can have objective, clinical data to support your diagnosis and your recommendations. It is not always easy for a patient to be able to explain or describe their symptoms or how they feel. GaitSmart can provide detailed movement information that will enable you to make decisions much more quickly and accurately. Most falls are caused by poor flexion on stance. GaitSmart can show the level of flexion that the patient has and preventive treatment can be identified. As you know, early identification of a movement problem is far better and more cost-effective than treatment after a fall. An analysis with GaitSmart only takes a few minutes and a report can be available. It doesn’t need a qualified healthcare professional to run the analysis, GaitSmart can be operated by anybody. GaitSmart will improve your patient health by proactively identifying conditions, it will speed up diagnosis and provide you with a means to clinically monitor progress. GaitSmart will save you time and money.

Orthopaedic Consultant

As an orthopaedic consultant, specifically working in areas that affect the movement of elderly individuals, you will need to understand exactly how the movement of an individual is affected. When you perform your initial assessment and diagnosis, GaitSmart is the only system that can allow you to assess the movement of your patient in any environment. You can replicate the normal situation where the problem affects the patient and you can even exacerbate the situation by placing them into more testing environments, like on slopes or stairs. Following treatment, regular monitoring with GaitSmart will allow you to closely follow the rehabilitation process and will support any treatment decision-making process that you may have. It is almost impossible to identify movement variations of less than 20 degrees and when you are trying to look at a number of areas at the same time, it makes the identification even harder. GaitSmart will easily identify minor changes in movement and the effect that the changes have on the overall gait profile. Moreover, GaitSmart does not need to be operated by qualified personnel. It is only the resultant data that needs experienced review. This means that testing can take place outside of the consultation, thereby freeing up more valuable time for you. GaitSmart can also help you in some of the areas which most commonly lead to claims like:

  • Poor outcome following a fracture
  • Poor outcome following a hip replacement
  • Disparity in leg length following a hip replacement
  • Poor outcome following a knee operation

GaitSmart can also ensure that the patient undergoes the right amount of rehabilitation for their problem; ensuring that your time with them is optimised.

Quickly obtainable, objective data to support diagnosis and rehabilitation

Falls Clinics

As a Falls Clinic you have a remit to help your patients reduce their risk of falling and falls-related injuries. You will perform a number of different tests among which will be an assessment of how the patient moves. GaitSmart is totally unique in that it only takes a few minutes to analyse a person and to produce a report, it can be operated by anybody (you don’t have to be a trained healthcare professional) and it provides clinical, objective data. GaitSmart will reduce your time in diagnosis, it will provide detailed accurate data, and it will improve the health levels of your patient base and will save you money. The simplicity of GaitSmart means that it is also ideal for ongoing monitoring.