For Professional Athletes

GaitSmart™ — The Key to helping Top Performers Perform

Any business is only as good as its employees and often the success of a professional sports club is directly attributable to their key personnel.

When performance is key to success, you need GaitSmart.

There is no other gait analysis system in the world that can;

  • Identify individuals at risk of injury.
  • Provide the information that you need when they are injured allowing you to manage their recovery.
  • Help improve the way they move and perform.
  • Tell you when they are healthy.

If you need your people performing at their best and always available then you need GaitSmart.

GaitSmart Checklist

  • Reduce injuries
  • Advance warnings
  • Keep players fit
  • Manage rehab
  • Check movement
  • Improve technique

The following discusses the benefits that each stake holder in a sports club will see from using GaitSmart.

The Chairman

As chairman of a professional sports club you need to ensure that your club is financially viable to compete. If you are paying high wages to players, you need those players to be available for as many games as possible.

Rehabilitation is key to a player’s ability to return to competitive sport and to remain there. If a player returns too early, often they will have a problem and will then be back out for a longer period of time. Up until now, this has often been impossible to predict as injuries may not have tell-tale signs like pain, swelling or heat and the individual will feel fine. However, there will be minor movement issues that will show up when using GaitSmart will ensure that your players do not return too early.

Players available for more games means increased chances of success. Success brings financial reward and sponsorship.

GaitSmart will cover its own costs immediately and will help with your Return on Investment.


As a manager, it is all about performance. You need to have your strongest team available to you as often as possible. It’s important for players to develop partnerships and understanding with their team mates.

If players get injured and then return to playing before they are ready, the chances are they will develop a related injury and need far longer out of the team.

This means that partnerships are continually being broken up by unnecessary injury, and as a result your team will be under performing.

Over 40% of injured players suffer a related recurrence of injury upon return to competitive sport. This figure can be greatly reduced if GaitSmart is used to help manage the rehabilitation.

GaitSmart will enable you to keep a more consistent group of performers together which in turn will ensure that performances will improve.


As a coach, you want to get the best from your players, there are a number of considerations amongst which are, finding ways to help your players improve, keeping them fit and healthy and ensuring there is consistency in the on-field partnerships.

GaitSmart system allows you to regularly analyse the way that an individual moves and to identify any anomalies or idiosyncrasies in their movement.

If the scenario identified is considered to have a negative effect on the performance of the individual then you are able to address the issue and monitor the results with GaitSmart

You can also look at the ways that some of your better performers move and that can provide you with positive indicators for other players.

Fine tuning the movement of a player will enable better performance in competition.


Conditioning Coach

As a strength and conditioning coach you need to understand how your players move. This also encompasses the total range of movement that an individual has and also their asymmetry.

Exercises can be purpose designed to the requirements of an individual.

Injuries can be identified much earlier using GaitSmart and exercise regimes can be altered accordingly.

Players with ongoing or chronic conditions can be managed much better as changes to their movement will indicate when levels of work or exercise need to be changed.

GaitSmart will ensure that you are able to maximise your conditioning work with the players and reduce the potential for injury inside and outside of competition.

Physical Therapist (PT)

As a PT you have responsibility for getting the players back to full fitness. There are a number of tools at your disposal to help with the rehabilitation process, but there is still a certain amount of subjectivity involved.

Many decisions are based upon reviewing with the naked eye or possibly video. Questions will be asked including questions about pain, heat and swelling. Often the interrogation of the patient is key to the rehabilitation decision-making process.

The GaitSmart system can identify minor changes in the movement of a player. If regular monitoring has taken place, the latest results can be compared to previous baseline data and changes will be obvious.

Also, the baseline data that you have on a player will show you where you need to be for the player to be ready to return to competitive sport. Regular monitoring through rehabilitation will allow you to see the recovery path. You will be able to ensure that recovery is not too quick, which can cause setbacks. You will also be able to identify plateaus in the recovery path which will warn you of the need to review the treatment and possibly try alternative treatment methods.

The traffic light system used in the GaitSmart software and will allow you to quickly review all players analysed and immediately identify players with an area of concern. The more data that you produce with the system, the more the results can be fine-tuned if you wish.

The GaitSmart system will provide you with clinical, objective data to support your rehabilitation process. This will ensure that you have the right information to support the medical department decision-making process.

If you don’t have GaitSmart data, you can’t make SMART decisions.


As a professional sportsman, it should be important to know how you move. If you are aware of the movement profile of your body, you can take on responsibility for developing and improving that movement.

You will begin to understand when potential problems could be approaching and you will understand how that might look and feel and also, how to deal with those problems in the most efficient way for you as an individual.

GaitSmart can provide you with straightforward, easy to understand information in minutes which will enable you to maintain a healthy movement profile.

Understand your body and make GaitSmart decisions, your performance is your future.

Team Communication

  • GaitSmart will help you identify players at risk of injury
  • GaitSmart will ensure that you know how the player moves when healthy
  • GaitSmart will ensure that your rehab process is tailored to the individual player
  • GaitSmart will show you when a player is having an adverse reaction in rehab
  • GaitSmart will identify when the player has fully recovered from injury