Gaitsmart Gait Testing

Whether you have an injury, have just had a joint replacement or other surgery or are a sports person looking to improve your movement, GaitSmart can show you exactly how you are moving to enable your healthcare professional, trainer or coach to accurately identify the next steps for your situation.


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The analysis is quick and easy and is non-invasive. The sensors can be applied over trousers and all you need to do is to walk a few metres.

The reports is very easy to understand and is ideal for a healthcare professional, trainer or coach to be able to act upon.

The report automatically compares your movement to the movement of a range of healthy “normal” by using traffic light style colour coding.

In order for us to be able to identify when we have enough people in particular areas to hold a gait testing session, we would like you to leave your details so that we can contact you when we are ready to hold a testing day.

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