Orthopaedic Testimonial for GaitSmart™

GaitSmart is ideal for use in a clinical setting, it doesn’t interfere with their walking and an analysis of gait is available in minutes

  • Test can be carried out by clinical assistants
  • Provides objective and quantifiable data on the dynamics of patients’ gait
  • Identifies the severity of a patient’s walking ability
  • Enables me to monitor how well they recover after surgical interventionSports Testimonial for GaitSmart

John Timperley, MB ChB FRCS (Ed)
DPhil (Oxon) —President British Hip Society


I would certainly recommend this system to any orthopaedic surgeon involved in the treatment of knee patients as a very simple and objective assessment of dynamic gait motion.

Mr Glyn Evans, FRCS, The London Knee Clinic
March 2012


 Sports Testimonial for GaitSmart


GaitSmart provides clear objective data on how a player is moving. It identifies anomalies in the players gait that are not visible to the human eye. The data has proved invaluable for identifying potential problems in players as well as during rehabilitation.

Ben Clarkson
Southend United Football Club Physiotherapist


In previous seasons I would not have been able to see the slight asymmetries that the GaitSmart system can detect. More importantly, the gait analysis provides a baseline against which we can judge the progress of the patient following treatment.

John Miles, former physio London Broncos Super League Team (currently Cardiff Blues)
February 2012




The ETB Pegasus system has allowed the staff and students to understand the gait characteristics of the horses at college and for research studies much more by looking at their limb phasing in detail. This has developed both their curiosity about such things as well as inspired a number of associated research studies which in turn will inform the wider horse world and their ability to apply such concepts to training and rehabilitation.

Stuart Attwood
Team Leader Higher Education, Equine, Hadlow College


There was a great anticipation when I informed the people attending a Bob Mayhew clinic that Jess was coming to assess some horses with the Pegasus unit. I had already been sold on the idea when Jess first explained it to me when she was still a student so I was really looking forward to seeing what it would say about my western pleasure Quarter Horse, Jax. I personally would love to see the western side of the industry getting involved with using this fabulous technology. The testing was so simple and quick, I couldn’t believe the software needed so little time to analyse everything. The bottom line is that the read outs are very easy to understand, Jess does a great job of walking each person through the results and the written report is extremely thorough. The results confirmed that he is less agile to the left but knowing what his legs are doing makes it much simpler to devise exercises to remedy that.

Gail Nugent
American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) & Western Equestrian Society (WES) Member


A big thank you to Pegasus in attending the first of our Active Rider training camps in 2011. The feedback was just amazing, what a great opportunity for owners to understand more about their horses. The bookings for the mini gait analysis sessions were sold out on the first day. Following the event each owner received by email a report which analysed in plain English their horse’s way of going, it even made suggestions on what we need to further work on in our training! As far as I am concerned I am viewing Pegasus as a VIP specialist to my events this year, their expertise is bringing shiny new equestrian technologies to the grass roots riders! We want to be enabled – so we look forward to seeing them at our next event.

Jane Walker
Proprietor, Active Rider


Having compared this system to both our own 3D gait analysis system and to other methods of gait analysis I have found the Pegasus system to be accurate and incredibly easy to use. Its horse and user friendly and most importantly – it can provide all the information you require in seconds. It will completely replace video analysis for much of my students project work.

Kathryn Nankervis M.Sc.CVPM
Equine Veterinary and Therapy Centre Manager Hartpury College


I am writing to thank you for a wonderful training day in the use of the ETB Pegasus Limb Phasing System. All the staff who attended found it extremely useful and well presented, so please accept my personnel thanks regarding your professional and highly relevant presentation that was provided. I am very confident that your system will be of great value as a learning tool for our students and also as an opportunity for the Equine department to take a more active role in research relevant to the equine industry.

Louise Dentith
Senior Lecturer in Equine, Moulton College


I have just received the Limb Phasing and Cannon Angle profile report and wanted to say thank you. I was particularly interested to see that my horse has adapted his movement perfectly to compensate for his injury. You explained the results brilliantly and the profile gives me a good picture of what is going on. It must be very hard to put in writing so I think you are doing a very good job. I will be very interested in the next profile, to see the difference his treatment will make. Thanks again.”

Jodie Leaker
Mc Timoney Equine Practitioner


Hi Tina. I attended your talk at Pencoed College the other day and just wanted to say, I loved your talk. I am fascinated with equine performance related to bio-mechanics, gait and lameness and your talk has confirmed that this is the field I want to work in, and seeing your work put into practice at Pencoed College has increased my interest in equine performance dramatically.

Nicola Burrows
Equine BSc Student, Aberystwyth University


Hi Tina. After seeing you work with Sue Box today during our dressage lesson I just wanted to say I think the equipment you have is fascinating. The Limb Phasing, Cannon Angle and Hock Angle systems provide an extremely complete package for looking at a horse. I can see that it would really help with a horse’s competitive development and I think the addition of the rider analysis will also be invaluable.

Helen Dawson
Sinai Dressage, British Dressage Registered Instructor, McTimoney-Corley Practitioner


Hi Tina. Thanks so much for this Limb Phasing and Cannon Angle Profile. It certainly is very interesting reading! Interesting how there is a difference between how the limbs move too – definitely food for thought. It will provide an excellent reference if we experience any problems in the future, as we can see what the horse is like now! Anyway thanks again and I will be in touch in the future.

Hannah Drury
Event Rider