Does GaitSmart™ tell me what I need to do if there is a problem?

GaitSmart highlights in your gait cycle where there is a problem, and indicates the severity from the normal population using simple traffic lights. Green is you are within the normal range. Any other colour you should seek advice from a professional person.

Is GaitSmart wireless?

GaitSmart uses sensors that are wireless and can be used anywhere, inside or outside. It is not constrained by Bluetooth or other wireless technologies as it stores the data on an SD card.

Is video monitoring involved?

No, GaitSmart monitors motion using sensors and presents the results in easy to see graphical and tabular formats.

How does GaitSmart know if I am not walking well?

GaitSmart compares how you walk with normal people aged 18 years to 97 years. If you are outside the normal gait profile you are informed using a simple traffic light system. This allows you to seek clinical advice and learn what you need to do to improve how you walk, keeping you mobile for longer.

How accurate are the GaitSmart results?

GaitSmart has been compared to the “gold standard” optical systems, and the results have been published, showing that GaitSmart gives the same results to within 2 degrees.

Have any papers been published with the system?

Yes there has been a large number of papers published. Click on the “Publications” tab to find out more.

Who else is using the system?

GaitSmart is used throughout the world by football clubs, orthopaedic surgeons, veterinarians, universities and podiatrists.

Can it analyse running?

Yes, the sports clubs use it for running.

Where can I buy it?

You can purchase directly from ETB, click on the “Reach Us” tab, or contact one of our carefully selected distributors. If there isn’t a distributor in your country, don’t worry we have shipped GaitSmart internationally to most continents.

Where can I go to have a GaitSmart demo?

Contact one of our distributors, or click on “Reach Us” and we will speak with you regarding having a demo.

Will it tell me if I need a new hip?

GaitSmart will show you how your hip is moving. Your Doctor or orthopaedic specialist will inform you whether you need a new hip, or if some other form of treatment could be used. That’s the beauty of GaitSmart, we can detect subtle changes, to ensure the treatment you are having is having a positive effect.

Can I have a GaitSmart test?

If you would like to have a GaitSmart gait analysis then you can go to our GaitSmart Clinics website and book a test.



How do you define a “normal” gait?

One of the top teaching hospitals in England used GaitSmart and published the results to define how healthy people from the ages of 18 to 97 years walked. From the results of this work a definition of a normal gait was derived and enabled GaitSmart to develop its unique simple to used traffic light system, defining if any, what aspect of your gait is outside normal limits.

How long does it take to do a GaitSmart measurement?

A simple gait screening takes only 5 minutes which includes setting up and having your gait screening report. If required a more extensive analysis can be performed to include running and functional tests.

Can GaitSmart results be accessed remotely?

Not today, but within a few months you will be able to look at your results on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

How long does it take to train a technician adequately to perform a GaitSmart measurement?

GaitSmart is so simple to use, less than 1 hour is all that is needed and you do not need any medical training to carry out a GaitSmart test. Training a clinical consultant to analyse the data typically takes ½ day.

What can GaitSmart do that an experienced therapist cannot do?

GaitSmart results inform you objectively how your lower limbs are moving at a far greater accuracy than the human eye and it does this in all three directions. If you have pain in your right leg, the cause of it might not be there, and that you are compensating for where the problem is. It does not replace your therapist, GaitSmart helps you and your therapist. Any treatment or exercises can now be monitored objectively to ensure you are recovering or your training is moving in the right direction. If it isn’t then exercises can be adapted accordingly.

Does it make sense to measure patients multiple times?

Yes, indeed it does, particularly if you are recovering from surgery or injury when regular use of GaitSmart will ensure your recovery is moving in the right direction. Also, if you check your gait regularly you can check that problems aren’t arising.

Can I use the same system to measure humans and horses?

The same sensors are used, but the software is different. This is because horses have more limbs and many different gaits (walk, trot, canter, gallop), which the GaitSmart-Pegasus product can automatically detect and analyse.

What is the stability of the GaitSmart sensors?

The GaitSmart sensors are small and light. Our carefully designed straps keep the sensors stable throughout any movement you need to do, from walking to running.

Can I use my own laptop?

GaitSmart is supplied as a system fully tested and guaranteed. That includes the sensors, straps, laptop with software installed, all contained in an attractive, strong portable case. This ensures that you as a customer, knows that it is working.

I do not have short trousers, can I still have a test?

Yes, you certainly can. The GaitSmart straps have been designed to grip over all types of materials, including stockings. So you can wear the clothes you feel comfortable in.