“In the UK, falls are estimated to cost the NHS £2.3 billion per year.”

National Institution for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) – June, 2013 (Read More)  

“Falls among elderly cost $50 billion USD annually.”

HealthDay: News for Healthier Living – March 2018 (

“Within two years nearly 1,000 elderly people a day will be taken into hospital after a fall, council chiefs warn.”

The Independent – March, 2018 (

Costs to Society

The direct medical costs to treat falls, replace joints and manage pain are only part of the costs.  The human costs related to loss of independence and the economic costs due to lost productivity can be more difficult to quantify but have enormous impact. 

“More elderly are dying after falls as care crisis deepens.”
The Guardian – April 2018 (Read More)

Gait and mobility issues are not just problems for the elderly.  Many health conditions can impact gait, including injury, osteoarthritis, diabetes, MS, Parkinson’s and stroke.

“Experts are now calling on the over-60s to exercise more in order to strengthen muscles and bones to avoid unnecessary falls.”

BBC News – October 2017 (Read More)

“Falls by the elderly are now the most common serious injury.”

Daily Mail – April 2017 (Read More)

“Arthritis currently costs the UK economy £2.58 billion annually but the number is set to rise with almost a million more lost working days.”

The Mirror – August 2017 (Read More)

Using GaitSmart in Care Pathways

GaitSmart testing has been incorporated within existing care pathways in hospitals, care homes, falls clinics and GP surgeries. 

The quick and easy-to-use GaitSmart test can be administered by non-professional healthcare workers with minimal training. 

GaitSmart’s digital test results allow easy retrieval of patient information and the ability to track changes in mobility over time.

GaitSmart Health Economics

GaitSmart pilots with the frail elderly have shown that for every £1 spent for the GaitSmart intervention, £1.60 is saved by the health system through reduced falls.

“Estimated costs to the NHS and the wider healthcare system of OA and RA currently standing at £10.2 billion.”
Arthritis Research UK – December 2017 (Read More)

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