Step 1

Wireless Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) sensors are attached to the individual.

Step 2

The individual walks 10-15 strides while the sensors record the motion.

Step 3

The GaitSmart Report shows seventeen gait kinematic parameters and overall GaitSmart Scores.

Simplicity of having a GaitSmart Test

Digital gait monitoring  provides an ideal technology for clinical trials where a digital endpoint measurement is required.

GaitSmart’s proprietary algorithms compare an individual’s gait parameters against a database of ‘healthy’ gait profiles.

The GaitSmart test results provide the basis for targeted, personalised intervention to address strength, stability and/or balance issues.

The GaitSmart test can be administered to anyone who can walk, including those using a walking aid.

Repeating GaitSmart tests over a period of time can monitor changes in gait and effectiveness of treatment.

A GaitSmart test is cost-effective, takes 10 minutes and can be carried out virtually anywhere. The GaitSmart Report is generated in minutes and provides a clear foundation for targeted, individual treatment.

The GaitSmart Report

An assessment of stability and strength when walking

The GaitSmart Report shows the ranges of motion that the patient can achieve, the amount of out-of-plane movement through adduction and abduction, as well as the symmetry of the lower limbs.

Gait issues are highlighted in the GaitSmart Report with the severity being denoted by simple traffic light colour-coding.

The GaitSmart Report aids interventions by providing personalised exercise suggestions matched to individual gait results to improve gait.

The GaitSmart Score™

gives an overall indication of how well the lower limbs are moving in the gait cycle.

The GaitSmart Quality Score™

gives a deeper understanding of whether the lower limbs are moving out of the plane of motion and/or following the optimal gait cycle. A low GaitSmart Quality Score could indicate future potential issues.

The GaitSmart Symmetry Score™

Helps to identify the location of joint issues and gives evidence of compensation.

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