Key Gait Parameter Measurements over the Full Gait Cycle

GaitSmart measures Gait Kinematics

Gait kinematics are the motion of the lower limbs while walking.

GaitSmart tests measure the three dimensions of walking, provide data for movement in the sagittal and coronal planes and calculate symmetry.

Other gait analysis devices can generally indicate the presence of a gait issue but without gait kinematics they cannot identify the origin of the issue or its severity.

Sensor Technology

GaitSmart uses wireless Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) mounted on the lower limbs. The sensors, consisting of orthogonal gyroscopes, accelerometers and magnetometers, provide the raw data on three planes. GaitSmart's proprietary fusion algorithms process this data to produce orientation and temporal information. GaitSmart test results have been validated against the optical gait laboratories, the current gold standard.

Sensor Placement

The GaitSmart sensors are placed in straps over clothing, the straps and sensors do not restrict movement. The system has been designed so that that specific positioning is not critical for accurate measurements. GaitSmart takes only 10 minutes and produces objective, repeatable results every time.

Selected Clinical Studies and Publications

Identification of Gait Abnormalities with GaitSmart

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Development of GaitSmart Healthy Reference Database

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GaitSmart to guide Intervention

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Validation of GaitSmart results against the Optical Gait Laboratories

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For more GaitSmart Clinical Studies and Publications see:

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