GaitSmart feedback from all patients is exceptional. GaitSmart empowers the patient and will ensure a good recovery of mobility. GaitSmart is quick, easy and non-invasive. Check out a patient’s thoughts further down.

There is a study underway at the moment with evidence that only 40% (approx.) of patients recover a good gait post hip replacement. The consultant’s work is finished if the operation is complete and there is no infection. An NHS physio has restrictions with regard to how many treatments a patient can have. A private physio has more control over treatments but it is not possible for any physio to analyse and quantify the movement of a patient as accurately as they can with GaitSmart.

It is not possible to see movement changes of less than 20 degrees with the human eye (bear in mind that if you think of a clock face, each minute represents 6 degrees). Add to that trying to see pelvis, thighs, calves, hip angles, knee angles in both the coronal and the sagittal plane and you can see that it becomes an impossible task.

GaitSmart brings the accuracy of the gait lab to wherever your patient is and from analysis to report production, it can all take place in a few minutes.

See what one of our patients has to say:

If you continue to move on an asymmetric gait, you will have problems. It might be a contra-lateral knee issue, it might be a hip problem, it could be a back problem or even a fall.

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