Dynamic Metrics Limited (“DML”) owns the GaitSmart product. The company’s products are sensor-based and measure human motion. The lab-quality data generated by the Company’s portable, fast and simple to use systems enable objective motion measurements, for the first time, to form part of a person’s health baseline. The Company is a technology company with patented medical devices, a technology platform and R&D pipeline.


DML is a company driven by scientific excellence evidenced by peer-reviewed publications. The Company was established in 2017 to commercialise the technology created by its predecessor R&D consultancy company, European Technology for Business Ltd. It continues to be a leader in microsensor R&D and kinematic analysis. DML has developed a technology platform based on:

(i) micro sensors and proprietary algorithms;

(ii) extensive gait and movement databases; and

(iii) validation against a National Physical Laboratory (NPL)  reference standard.


By defining healthy motion, DML’s vision is that its movement assessments will become as ubiquitous as blood pressure readings, cholesterol measurements and blood chemistry analysis in the diagnosis, treatment, monitoring and prevention of musculoskeletal disorders.


The company has been awarded a number of research innovation grants in the UK and Europe.

The company also holds a ‘New Product Innovation Award’ from Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Awards, 2017 and recently received, in November 2019, a Seal of Excellence from the EC for our previous EIC accelerator proposal.

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