User Testimony:

Hip Replacement, Male 81 y/o 

“I wholeheartedly recommend the GaitSmart system.  It has helped me enormously over recent years in re-learning the walking process properly – which in turn helps reduce the creation of other problems in other areas.   

In short, the GaitSmart system was a fantastic helpmate when I was having a bit of a struggle in re-learning how to walk correctly following a hip replacement.  The Hospital Physio gave me exercises on leaving hospital and there was some follow-up.  The Physio and I thought I was doing quite well but my wife thought there was something not quite right in my walking movement. Sure enough GaitSmart showed significant problem areas.

I was fortunate enough to hear of the GaitSmart diagnostics equipment and the very straightforward sensor-based test produced an excellent illustration showing where I was going wrong and more importantly how to correct it.  The GaitSmart specialist was able to help me understand what I should be doing to correct my uneven way of walking.  I followed the instructions and exercises given and could certainly feel the difference.  It all seemed so logical and I knew it would be very sensible to continue my new habit.  I have had regular GaitSmart checks, all showing improvement.

A more recent GaitSmart check-up, and the resultant illustration has proven to be a great asset as a comparison to previous results and shows quite clearly the improvement I have made.  Of course, along with the improvement came new exercises which are again proving to be very helpful.

GaitSmart is a fantastic system, as is the Company and its dedicated team for producing such an efficient medical aide.  I just wish it was used more widely by the medical fraternity and just can’t imagine why it isn’t.

“A big thank you to all at Dynamic Metrics, and well done for innovating GaitSmart, a superb piece of medical diagnostic equipment.”

Client Testimony: Right hip replacement x 2, left hip replacement x 2, continuous issues over 17 years

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a lot of problems, both hip and femur replacements, two back operations and I am just wanting to let you know what it (GaitSmart) has done for me is brilliant. I used to throw my leg like I had had a stroke, I no longer do that, I know this is a trial they are doing and I would like you to tell people that are doing this trial, that this has made such a difference to me, I have finished the trial, but carrying on with all the exercises. I hope this can keep going for more people to benefit from this.

Yours sincerely

A, Patient”

User Testimony: Clinical Trial

Modelling and Artificial intelligence using sensor data to Personalise REHABilitation following joint replacement

“For the past 12 months I have been using the GaitSmart system within the MAP-Rehab research study based at the NNUH.  

After minimal training, I have found the equipment easy and intuitive to use.  The system is compact, durable and fully portable.  

We have had excellent support from the team at Dynamic Metrics whom we have found to be very approachable and always on hand if we have any questions or issues.

Thanks to the colour coding system, the reports are visually easy to understand for both research staff and participants.  

Participants have been very impressed with quick results and have really enjoyed participating in this study.”

Client Testimony

Hip Replacement, further hip and knee issues

“My name is HP, I am 70 years old. 

Over a number of years, I had ongoing issues with both my hips and a further issue with my right knee.  My ability to walk any distance got worse year on year to the point that I had to do something to relive the horrendous pain. I attended my local GP and was referred to a specialist at a nearby hospital.  Following examination and various x-rays and MRI scans it was confirmed that I would need a replacement right hip and possibly left hip later, possibly within one year.  I was operated in July and spent 3 nights in hospital.  I was discharged and given a series of exercises to do along with some physiotherapy, this did help and within a few weeks I was able to walk without any aids.

It was at this point I was introduced to GaitSmart.  I started attending sessions using GaitSmart in November and continued through until August.  The regular monitoring along with prescribed exercises have helped enormously.  My walking and gait improved on a month-on-month basis, starting at 56% and improving to 86% on the GaitSmart score. 

I would highly recommend GaitSmart to anyone having similar issues with walking.

I am delighted with the support I was given by Dynamic Metrics.

Yours truly


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