An Ideal tool for health checks.

Mobility and independence are key to overall well-being. Regular gait monitoring will detect minor issues and earlier intervention can prevent the issue from developing into a longer-term condition.


Walking has numerous health and wellbeing benefits and good musculoskeletal health supports an active and healthy lifestyle.

How GaitSmart helps

GaitSmart identifies walking issues and guides people to correct them.

Your Exercises

  1. Pelvic Raise Right
  2. Quad Extension Left
  3. Hamstring Curl Right
  4. Lunge Left
  5. Pelvic Raise Left
  6. Heel Raise

What our people say:

Female, age 63

“What I liked about the GaitSmart programme is it was so easy to monitor my progress visually through the report and the exercises were easy to follow and easy to do whenever I had time, wherever I was. I felt confident walking and several of my friends and neighbours hardly recognised me from behind without my awkward and painful looking walk.
I’ve now joined a gym to help regain my strength and improve my aerobic capacity which I lost due to being unable to exercise due to pain. I now enjoy walking holidays with my family pain free.”

Female, age 47

“The test process was easy and quick to do and I found the results very interesting. The recommended exercises were well explained and demonstrated. I’d recommend the analysis to anyone who wants to find out more about their gait, and how they can help themselves to prevent or recover from injuries.”

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