Osteoarthritis (OA)

8 million people have hip or knee OA and there are no drugs that can stop or reverse joint damage.

How GaitSmart helps

GaitSmart provides a quick and simple diagnosis and personalised exercise plan to help maintain muscle strength.


Joint Replacement

1 million people are waiting to receive a hip or knee replacement and around 250,000 undergo joint replacement each year.

How GaitSmart helps

GaitSmart provides pre and post-op gait assessments and personalised exercises to help people during rehabilitation.

What our people say:

‘“The knee operation has been brilliant now that I have no pain on the operated leg, the swelling has reduced and the leg does not collapse any more… +20.5% GS Score (Final 68.2%) +0.23 m/s. A few times a week exercise”

“…I was glad to be part of map rehab because without getting physio it gave me some kind of direction with what exercises to do after my full knee replacement, happy to have taken part and staff were very informative and polite throughout making it a pleasurable experience. More of this kind of research can only be positive.” +34.1% GS Score (Final 65.9%) +0.44 m/s. More than twice daily”

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