We aim to improve people’s quality of life by enabling them to become stronger and retain or regain their independence.

Age is not a reason for someone to fall, to lose their independence or become increasingly frail.

Falls & Frailty

4 million people fall each year in the UK and 6 million people in the UK are considered frail.

How GaitSmart helps

GaitSmart provides a quantified assessment of gait issues and a personalised strength and balance exercise plan to address the gait issues identified.

Your Exercises

  1. Single Leg Balance Right
  2. Lunge Left
  3. Lunge Right
  4. Knee Drive Left
  5. Marching
  6. Hamstring Curl Right

What our patients and clinicians say:

“GaitSmart has allowed our team to become more upskilled in preventative measures to help improved our clients gaits and reduce the risk of falls in a non-invasive and easy to follow way. The team have enjoyed using the device and the clients they have used it on have seen the benefits in a short period of time.”

“The use of GaitSmart has worked as both a catalyst and enabler to allow more integrated system wide changes to service delivery ensuring patient centred care, whilst upskilling and using staff innovatively resulting in improved patient outcomes. The Team at GaitSmart, with their professionalism and expertise have been accessible, responsive and creative in supporting processes, training, and developing the system as a result of direct patient and staff feedback.”

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