European Technology for Business Holdings Ltd received the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Gait Analysis, New Product Innovation Award.

The Frost & Sullivan positioning of GaitSmart

An unmet need in the clinical gait analysis space that Frost & Sullivan has identified is the accurate and detailed measurement of individual gaits to make diagnosis of mobility issues sufficiently robust and thus improve patient outcomes. For example, such enhanced gait analysis can be used to devise helpful personalized walking programs for patients suffering early stage osteoarthritis.

Patients with a tendency for falling can be taught ways to improve how they walk to address muscle deficiencies. EBT’s solution automatically provides the much needed accuracy and details in its gait analysis to achieve these goals without the input of trained gait specialists, a distinct advantage over other gait analytic technologies.

Dr. Diana Hodgins, founder of European Technology for Business Holdings receiving the Frost & Sullivan 2017 European Gait Analysis New Product Innovation Award

The Conclusion from Frost & Sullivan is as follows:

According to the British National Health Service (NHS), approximately 90,000 knee operations were performed in NHS hospitals and clinics in 2015. The NHS forecasts these operations to grow at approximately 7% per year.

Frost & Sullivan research confirms that the growing aging population in Europe and other industrialized regions will increase the need for knee and hip replacement, as well as treating osteoarthritis. While gait analysis will benefit these populations, their restricted mobility will make optical lab visits challenging.

Frost & Sullivan firmly believes that the GaitSmart technology liberates these less mobile patients from clinical visits by bringing the technology to their homes. Automating the analysis so that clinicians without specialized training can conduct gait analysis will help make gait analysis vastly more accessible to benefit the health and comfort of a growing audience. For these reasons, Frost & Sullivan presents ETB the 2017 New Product Innovation Award in Gait Analysis.

Full details of the award can be seen by clicking here.

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