GaitSmart NICE Guidance in Falls & Frailty

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has published new guidance for GaitSmart rehabilitation exercise programme for gait and mobility issues.

GaitSmart can now be used to treat gait and mobility issues in the NHS for adults at risk of falls.

This new guidance will enable the GaitSmart programme to be offered to people who may not be able to access gait rehabilitation services and will help to reduce the risk and incidence of falls in older people (clinical guideline CG161).

The GaitSmart programme will enable a  person to understand their own gait issues and provide them with a data driven personalised exercise plan to help them to improve their  gait in order to reduce their risk of falls. The simple to understand colour coded report empowers the individual and regular monitoring  motivates them to continue with their exercises.

The GaitSmart assessment is delivered by a trained healthcare assistant, so frees up valuable physiotherapy resources.

Diana Hodgins MBE, Founder & CEO of Dynamic Metrics the company who developed GaitSmart says “Our aim has always been to deliver the highest quality gait rehabilitation solution for people and to make it affordable for widespread use. NICE guidance for use in falls and frailty is key to helping the wider population and we are delighted that GaitSmart has been recognised for its potential to make such a difference in this  area”.

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