MP champions local elderly and frail. Cutting edge technology set to transform patient outcomes.

South Basildon and East Thurrock MP Stephen Metcalfe attended an innovative gait measurement clinic in Basildon last week to experience the latest technological advances in gait assessment and its potential for NHS patients, falls in the elderly and the frail.

The gait system, produced by European Technology for Business Holdings Ltd (ETB), called GaitSmart, uses a novel, innovative approach to gait analysis using sensors. The sensors are small devices that are placed on the patient.


Stephen Metcalfe MP with Sam Clarke, GaitSmart Gait Therapist

GaitSmart is the only technology that places sensors on all the lower limbs to accurately measure all relevant aspects of gait to determine any problems, which enables trained therapists to provide personalised exercise programmes. The results are evidence based and provide an effective measurement for personalised care and treatment.

The innovative digital technology is already playing an important part in empowering patients to manage their own health.

The system and the benefits were explained to Stephen Metcalfe and it was demonstrated to him during the meeting.

Stephen Metcalfe MP commented:

“I was very impressed with the GaitSmart system – it has great potential to benefit a wide range of patients.

Gait problems affect millions of people in the UK each year. The causes of gait problems are complex and involve a wide range of issues. The technology is very clever and these issues can now be assessed in an innovative, simple walking test in any setting and in just 10 minutes.

This promises to be a great advance for identifying gait problems in the frail, falls in the elderly and those who have undergone joint replacements.

The introduction of GaitSmart is very exciting for the NHS as it has the potential to considerably improve patient outcomes, prevent some replacement surgeries, allow the elderly to maintain independence for longer and save the NHS considerable resources.”

Steve Goode, Head of GaitSmart Clinics commented:

“We were delighted to have the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of GaitSmart with Stephen. He quickly understood the potential benefits of the system for the elderly and its application to help the people of Basildon and Thurrock.

Early identification of gait issues allows early intervention. With regular monitoring, individuals can track progress until a normal walking profile is resumed.

GaitSmart is applicable in a wide variety of mobility issues, particularly falls in the elderly, Osteoarthritis sufferers and people with neurological or physical conditions that affect their gait.

We are working closely in collaboration with Care City, one of five national Health and Social Care Test Beds, and the only one in London and GaitSmart is already having an impact on patients and transforming patient outcomes in a number of locations across the UK.

The advantages of GaitSmart are that it is fast (it takes 10 minutes), it is inexpensive, easy to use and non invasive.

We were delighted that Stephen has taken an interest in this on behalf of his local NHS and we look forward to working with him closely in the future to benefit his constituents.”

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