IT was fantastic to see this recent publication that demonstrates how GaitSmart parameters are associated with the presence of rheumatoid osteoarthritis. Congratulations to Eefje M van Helvoort, the team at UMCU research and the entire APPROACH EU team! It was great to be able to work with such an extensive team. The APPROACH EU project aims to identify different osteoarthritis phenotypes and progression rates to support the selection of patients for clinical trials. We’re really keen to continue to take parts in studies to assess how GaitSmart can be used as an endpoint measurement tool. If you are interested in objective outcomes in clinical trials where gait is affected, do get in touch!

The paper “Relationship between motion, using the GaitSmart system, and radiographic knee osteoarthritis: an explorative analysis in the IMI-APPROACH cohort can be found here

To learn more about the APPROACH project click here.

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