Mrs. X, a 75 year old woman, suffered from pain six months following surgery to replace her right hip.

She requested a non-scheduled consultant appointment and was advised that the problem was muscle pain and no further treatment was required. Mrs. X came to an open GaitSmart clinic where test results identified the problem to be lack of hip motion as shown by the red markings (left).  She was given some simple exercises and monitored every 2 months.   The final test in August 2016 (right) shows great improvement with no red markings.  Best of all, Mrs. X now walks without pain and has stopped pain medication.

For symmetry scores negative values mean less movement on the left than the right; positive values mean less movement on the right than the left. A score of 100% and no highlighted values means no concern. Amber means caution and red means you should take action. Coloured borders indicate values approaching the next classification. The blue line represents the left leg; the green line represents the right leg.

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