Eamonn Holmes, broadcaster and journalist, came to GaitSmart following a double hip replacement. Eamonn initially thought that all would be well following the surgery, however, what became obvious was that he was not walking in the way that he had expected to.

Check out the video above to see what Eamonn has to say about GaitSmart

Walking had actually become a task that Eamonn was not enjoying and found uncomfortable.

We tested Eamonn and we gave him an exercise treatment plan that was specific for Eamonn’s movement issues. Eamonn has been following the GaitSmart process and his improvement has been dramatic.

The treatment that we have given to Eamonn will not just improve his movement but it will also ensure that he does not compensate when walking, placing stress in the wrong places, which will reduce the potential for Eamonn to have other mobility issues in the future.

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